Ad Jerseum 5: Absolut Jersey

Ad Jerseum: So much Jersey advertising it’ll make you vomit!

new jersey,vodka,diner
For many people, diners are immediately associated with the state of New Jersey. This Absolut ad depicts the Vodka bottle in the shape of an old fashioned stainless steel Jersey Diner. You can hit up this diner next time you are hungover from too many Vodka tonics. I’m sure you can order a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich there. You can find pretty much every Absolut Vodka advertisement ever created over at

NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 27: Hennessy Cognac

alcohol,new jersey,t-shirt
Nick from Trenton rocks his
New Jersey Jack Daniels & Hennessy mash up T-Shirt

Recently, I ran into Nick from Trenton, NJ who was wearing this cool New Jersey Hennessy Cognac t-shirt. The logo on the front of the shirt is a rip off of the iconic black label on Jack Daniels bottles. I did some Googling and couldn’t find any info on the existence of actual bottles of regional Hennessy Cognac. There is a good chance that this shirt might have been made simply as a parody or possibly to promote Hennessy’s work with Habitat for Humanity in various cities around the country. “Cognac for the Community” is an article that was printed in Brand Week last year and reports on the good work that Hennessy has done in Bergen County, NJ, among other places.

Ice Breakers Lemon Iced Tea Mints

It’s been so blazingly hot here in New Jersey that my writing powers were slowly depleting until I found some inspiration from a package of mints. I found these Ice Breakers Sugar Free Lemon Iced Tea flavored mints while on line at the grocery store. Iced Tea has always been my favorite beverage…that is…whenever I run out of everclear.

As far as I know, Fresca, prune juice, and Kaopectate are NOT the official drinks of suburbia. I would say the reigning king of libations in suburbia especially in the’80s was Kool-Aid, but in my household it was most definitely Iced Tea. If anyone ranging from a friend to a washing machine repair man walked into my house, my mom offered them iced tea as if they were homeless and hadn’t had any liquid pass through their bodies in a decade. Of course the hospitality never ended there but as it pertains to this article, if we compared the scenario to a religious ceremony iced tea was the liquid of the Gods. To the shock and outrage of many people, I’m not a big fan of bread which renders me “staff of life deficient,” so I must compensate with plenty of Iced Tea.

As for gum, I don’t chew Ice Breakers that often because I don’t really need little mint crystals in my gum. I do enjoy mints and seeing this fine product hit the shelves only made me realize there’s a lack of beverage flavored mints. Although, when the revolution of drink based breath fresheners does commence, I pray mints all over the world model their flavors off of these. Then take cover because mouth explosions will take place everywhere.

These Lemon Iced Tea mints bear a surprisingly accurate taste to the real thing. Plus, any product that boasts “Ultimate Mouth Freshening” must be pretty damn effective. I think part of me really enjoyed these because they aren’t just a run of the mill mint with a typical flavor. I commend Ice Breakers for taking a chance on a cool new flavor while keeping them sugar free. It also doesn’t hurt that they remind me of the old style certs. Has anyone tried these yet?