Entenmann’s Halloween Cupcakes

Entenmann's Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween time brings annual traditions that I look forward to all year. Although some of my traditions get tossed so far back in my memory banks that they only pop into my head once October rolls around. The last day of September already reminded me of the greatest Halloween treat known to mankind, Entenmann’s Halloween Cupcakes. I could just picture Sam from Trick r’ Treat devouring these luscious little things.

If I wanted to let myself go and negate all the times I’ve forced myself to go to the gym, I would eat Entenmann’s cakes, cookies, and pastries 4-6 times a day. But I’d say I eat them twice a year. Once a year I get the burning desire for their soft chocolate chip cookies which are the best cookies of all time, and during Halloween time, if they can be found in stores, their Halloween cupcakes! I’ve been eating these for many years and each year they seem to get more popular because they vanish from shelves so quickly.

What’s so great about these cupcakes is that they are just jam packed with Halloween goodness. Think back to when you were young. How many products had Halloween gimmicks? I remember there being a lot more than there is now. There were cereals, desserts, sodas, and of course candy with Halloween or monster themes. Now the Halloween gimmicks are scarce in grocery stores. The box art and the visibility of the actual cupcakes through top of the box makes them eye catching, especially for those of us who are always on the lookout for cool Halloween finds.

Represented in the cupcakes are many facets of the Halloween season. Most noticeable is the orange colored icing in honor of Halloween which is NOT flavored orange, it’s just colored that way. Then, what really seals the deal and gives them the extra Halloween kick is the few candy corns sprinkled on top. The candy corn flavor puts them over the top. It was criminal to see that one cupcake in my box lacked candy corn completely, a glaring flaw that would’ve made me put them down and take another box. Unfortunately, I was in possession of the only box left in Quick Chek. Back to the subtle levels of the cupcake. Much like how The Dude’s rug really brought the room together, hiding secretively underneath the icing is a layer of rich, soft chocolate frosting that is so damn delicious. You don’t expect there to be a coating of chocolate underneath the icing, but when you chomp down on one you’ll be in heaven. The chocolate smothers a moist, golden cupcake that isn’t lost underneath the sweet mound of sugary joy.

Like I said, these won’t help if you’re on a diet or on a strict workout regimen, but they will help keep your sanity. Entenmann’s Halloween cupcakes are one of life’s great pleasures so you don’t have to feel guilty if you only indulge a few times a year! The fact that they only come out during October makes their yearly appearance that much more of an event.

Butterbeer Cupcakes For Your Harry Potter Celebration

Butterbeer Cupcakes

If you are one of the lucky Potterheads who has indulged in an actual Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal, you can stand aside and wait your turn for the cupcake version. The Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford, NJ was offering these gourmet Harry Potter cupcakes for a limited time. Their Butterbeer cupcake is a “cream soda cake filled with butterscotch syrup and topped with butterscotch frosting and a Hogwart’s House Ring” They look so damn delicious I wish I could just grab one and shove it directly into my stomach to skip all the chewing nonsense and other red tape.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop NJ

Sweet Avenue is a “gourmet vegan cupcakery” and is 100% dairy, egg, and cholesterol free. Friends and family members have told me that their cupcakes are amazing, but I have yet to try them so it looks like I need to plan a date with some cupcakes. The flavors they offer are creative and aren’t limited to the boring old varieties you’ve had a million times at every birthday party in your life. Sweet Ave. even offered Charlie Sheen cupcakes when he enjoyed his short lived wave of insane popularity.

They sold their last batch of Butterbeer cupcakes on the weekend. I wish I didn’t miss out on them. Looks like I’ll have to sample some of their other flavors such as Blue Hawaiian, Boston Creme, Cotton Candy, Lemon Raspberry, Sangria, Peanut Butter Chip, and the one that will probably be my favorite: Mint Chocolate. They are making my mouth water as we speak. If you’re a Potterhead maybe you can help me conjure up a spell to bring these Butterbeer cupcakes back?

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop
153 Park Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070

Martha Stewart is July’s Garden State Playmate

nutley,new jersey
It was bound to happen. Many of you Sexy Armpit readers knew it was inevitable. It’s finally time to give Nutley, New Jersey’s Martha Stewart the nod. And I say, why the hell not? There’s always room for GILFS on the illustrious list of Garden State Playmates.

nutley,new jersey
Martha Stewart may have eclipsed Betty Crocker in popular culture. How often is someone you know cooking, or whipping something creative up in the kitchen and you comment “Wow, you’re a real Martha Stewart!” It’s pretty amazing when you realize she was born in Jersey City, NJ. and graduated Nutley High School.

After a stint modeling and graduating with a double major in history and architectural history, it wasn’t until several years later that Stewart became the crafting, cooking, restoring, and media mogul who we love and/or hate today. Either way, I’m sure you’ll have no problems scarfing down that gourmet meal she makes for you after she shows you several thousand ways of playing hide the sausage.
OK, OK, you got me. Here’s the real reason why Martha Stewart whisked her way into becoming a GSP:

Martha Stewart

Visit this link to Martha Stewart’s website to learn how she made these cool looking Shark and Beach Cupcakes! A perfect way to celebrate Shark Month!