Blue Jersey and Boardwalk Ice Cream Sundaes

From The Ice Cream Bar at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City
The above sundaes are offered at the new Ice Cream Bar at Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Blue Jersey is inspired by the fact that Jersey is known for its blueberries, but there’s just too damn many blueberry things involved in that sundae. You have to be an absolute blueberry freak to order that. The second one is The Boardwalk sundae which sounds way too sweet to me but would probably appeal to a tween who is obsessed with Katy Perry. Being that it’s inspired by the boardwalk they forgot to throw in muffin tops, fried Oreos, and drizzle on some Ron Ron juice. 
I’m not trying to say I’m Martha Stewart or Good Housekeeping or anything, but one of the most fun things as a kid was when my parents let us make our own sundaes at home. On rare occasions my parents set my sister and I up with all the toppings on the kitchen table and let us go to town making our own ice cream monstrosities. Mine was usually more gross and ridiculous than my sisters was, and I never wound up finishing it, but the fun was in the process. My sisters was always logical and neat while mine was just a mess of everything available and it looked like something Scooby and Shaggy would devour after they inadvertently solved a mystery. This makes me wonder, what would be your perfect custom made ice cream sundae?

Martha Stewart is July’s Garden State Playmate

nutley,new jersey
It was bound to happen. Many of you Sexy Armpit readers knew it was inevitable. It’s finally time to give Nutley, New Jersey’s Martha Stewart the nod. And I say, why the hell not? There’s always room for GILFS on the illustrious list of Garden State Playmates.

nutley,new jersey
Martha Stewart may have eclipsed Betty Crocker in popular culture. How often is someone you know cooking, or whipping something creative up in the kitchen and you comment “Wow, you’re a real Martha Stewart!” It’s pretty amazing when you realize she was born in Jersey City, NJ. and graduated Nutley High School.

After a stint modeling and graduating with a double major in history and architectural history, it wasn’t until several years later that Stewart became the crafting, cooking, restoring, and media mogul who we love and/or hate today. Either way, I’m sure you’ll have no problems scarfing down that gourmet meal she makes for you after she shows you several thousand ways of playing hide the sausage.
OK, OK, you got me. Here’s the real reason why Martha Stewart whisked her way into becoming a GSP:

Martha Stewart

Visit this link to Martha Stewart’s website to learn how she made these cool looking Shark and Beach Cupcakes! A perfect way to celebrate Shark Month!